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ICH Services Credit Card Warning

Consumers are warned about a mysterious ICH Services charge that may appear on their credit card statement.

A release across the internet indicates that all credit card holders should be looking for a charge from a company claiming to be ICH services.

ICH services credit card fraud ring is charging innocent consumers $9.95 by somehow sneaking the charge into accounts and this charge may be overlooked on a statement, reports

It appears that ICH services fraud has been noticed earlier in November of 2007 as WIRR--RunningDownDebt has covered the news, which we quote below.

"While reviewing my online statement for my credit card I found a very curious charge of $9.80 that I had no memory of charging, nor did I have a receipt for that amount. After calling my credit card company, I was given a company description of a "school supply/stationary" store. I was also given the following number: 1-888-401-9685. When I called the number, it went directly to a voicemail box. Being the skeptic that I am, I googled the number and called a few family members. Turns out that there are 100s of people who have had mysterious charges on their respective accounts from this company. Next was another call to the credit card company to dispute the charge. When I did this, I learned that this is indeed a FRAUD. The charge was immediately removed, my account closed, and a new card issued.

"Please check your debit and credit card statements!! The charge will be posted as "ICH Services" The amount will vary from $9.70 to $9.85. CALL YOUR BANK AND CANCEL YOUR CARD."

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