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Download Online Music the Legal Way

The introduction of Information Highway, or popularly known as Internet, paved the way to faster exchange and acquisition of different genres of information.

It allows people to communicate instantaneously. When the digital era takes place, different media files started to sprout. The phrase �online music downloads� is well known among Internet users.

Online music download is the acquisition of music files from a particular website to the personal computer of the user.

It includes audio music and MP3 file format, which are now compatible with the computer system we are using nowadays.

Websites offers several categories of music files that can be downloaded from them. All forms of music are available�classical, country, jazz, rhythm and blues, alternative, and rock.

You can both download it from that site and play it directly in your computer using your media player. You can also opt to save it in your computer and later transfer it to your MP3 digital music player or in your mini iPod using USB connection.

In case you do not have an MP3 digital player or a mini-iPod but you have your good old compact disc (CD) portable player, you can still play your downloaded music.

All you have to do is to burn your music files to recordable compact discs (CDs). It is now possible because of the continuing development and improvement of hardware and software used in the computer. Now, you can make your own music collection for your CD player.

Maybe you will become overwhelmed of different downloading options and wide range of application for your downloads.

There is a serious concern you must consider in downloading online music, especially when it is offered free.

There are websites that are unauthorized to distribute free online music downloads. These sites are being targeted and if caught, will be filed a suit by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
In case that you will be downloading from these sites, there is a great chance that you will be also sued as an accomplice in the crime.

In order to avoid possible criminal suit against you, it is better that you make use of the following tips:

1. Make a research. If you are uncertain of the sites of which you want to download music files, make a comparison of all the sites that offers such downloads.

In case you want to determine if a site is illegal or not, check their licenses. Authorized downloading sites always provide the copyright of the music files they have on their database.

2. Have a grip of the facts. Learn about the critical difference between legal music sites and file sharing networks.

3. All the downloaded music files from a legal music site should only be for personal consumption only. Never reproduce or distribute music files that are downloaded online.

Remember, they are all coming from a legal source and it is a copyrighted material.

4. In case the website itself is not sufficient to answer your questions and concerns, send them an e-mail to get the answer you are looking for.

If they did not response to your question or feel that their reply was unsatisfying, it is a probable sign that you move on to the next online music download site.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Not only you will enjoy your downloaded music, you are also free of any suit charged against you.

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