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What you should know about AOL Music Online

Are you a music enthusiast? You want to have your own music collection of your favorite artists, but you are keeping at bay of the high prices of original compact discs in the music store.

Luckily, Internet is just around the corner to help you fulfill your goal. You can now download or listen online to the songs of your favorite artists for a minimal subscription fee.

For your listening and downloading media file needs, you can check on the AOL Music online. You will not regret the services that they are offering to their members.

What is AOL Music?

AOL Music is an online service provided by America Online (AOL). It is a US-based online service provider, Internet service provider, and media company operated by Time Warner. It is one of the most successful proprietary online services with more than 32 million subscribers in different countries.

Currently, AOL offers different services, which includes the following:

� An interactive chat room, which enables its members and visitors interact with each other in real time.
� Online role-playing games such as Neverwinter Nights and Black Bayou.
� Classic television program viewing, which is available through the Warner Bros. Television library of programs;
� Total Talk, a VOIP phone service; and
� AOL Music, which features all the music every member should watch for.

AOL Music provides different music-related services for its members, which includes the following:

� Streaming and downloading available songs and albums from the AOL music database direct to your personal computer.
� Online radio stations where you can tune-in to your favorite songs and artists; and
� Sharing songs play lists, and you are personalized home page with friends and other members.

If you want to have an access of those services, all you have to do is to log on to the official AOL Music website, fill-up the registration form, and pay the corresponding subscription fees through credit cards.

After you accomplished these steps, you are provided with the terms and condition in availing of the aforementioned premium services.

Terms and Conditions

It will serve as your contract between you and AOL Music. It is important that you review the terms carefully. Using AOL Music�s services or making any purchases, it means that you agree to their terms and condition and submit to their private policy.

Here are some of the basic terms and conditions applied when using AOL Music services.

1. The level of features and services you can acquire from AOL Music will depend on the plan and price package you have availed. The descriptions of such packages can be found in the Help section of their website.

2. It is understood that these features will only work with compatible personal computers and other devices.

3. It is agreed that AOL Music may indicate rules on the number of personal computers that you may use for such services or on the number or length of time you can copy music on a disk or any portable device.

4. The purchased downloads (any media files that you have purchased and downloaded and stored to the hard drive of your computer) may be played as often as you want on the same computer which they are downloaded.

It can be also copied to a compact disc (CD) or to any compatible digital devices (iPod or MP3 digital player), if you conform with the rules in purchased downloads.

5. It is also agreed that media files acquired in AOL Music databank are all copyrighted materials. You are not allowed to reproduce and distribute such materials, not unless you have permission from the recording company and/or artist of the material.

6. Non-compliance of the terms and conditions herein means the abandonment of all the services provided by AOL.

Enjoy AOL Music services and create your personal music collection in a minimal cost and in a legal way.

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