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Super Hottie Colin Farrell Rejected by Model Meghan Lowther

Super Hottie Colin Farrell Rejected by Model Meghan Lowther
Advice for Colin Farrell: Leave the Wingmen Behind

 By Kari Livingston,

Ordinary Joes, you can take heart next time you are shot down in a bar. Even uber-hottie Colin Farrell strikes out sometimes. In case you haven't heard, the Irish bad boy hit on model Meghan Lowther at the Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar. Hitting on a model is one thing, but Farrell came onto Lowther by bumping into her boyfriend. "Who's this guy?" Farrell asked.

According to, Lowther responded, "He's my boyfriend." It all went downhill from there. Lowther is a model and an actress who has appeared in regional productions, including Chickspeare, an all-female Shakespeare production in Charlotte, NC. She is small potatoes from a Hollywood standpoint, but she is the talk of Hollywood for dissing a reigning heartthrob.

If you, like Colin, have ever been rejected by a woman in a bar, maybe you should rethink your approach. One tip to follow: check the immediate area for a hovering boyfriend. Colin Farrell would have done well to remember that tip. There is no easier way to spoil a girl's night than by making her boyfriend jealous. Don't leave her with an angry boyfriend and you might have a better shot if she ever shows up alone.

Being honest is another great tip for picking up women. Don't tell a woman that you're a doctor-- unless you actually are one. Women can sense when a man is lying to impress her. Trust me, lying never impresses a woman. It's much better to be an honest fry cook than a dishonest stock broker.

You should also never take your friend when you approach a woman. If you have enough confidence in yourself to approach a woman, you should have enough confidence to go it alone. Colin Farrell would have done well to take this advice. According to, Farrell approached Lowther with two "wingmen." Only pilots and junior high students need wingmen. Leave your buddies behind.

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