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MUSIC STORE - Making your Purchases Easy

Almost everything is available on the internet. This is because of the advancement of technology today. Difficult things are now so easy to obtain.Early innovators would easily be impressed with how far we have gone from their simple yet awesome breakthroughs then. 

New devices are out to entertain many people, from cellular phones to computers, from mp3 players to DVD�s. Even listening to music is a simple thing to do. If you want to have a copy of your favorite band or singer, there is no need for you to go to the nearest department store and purchase the CD�s you want.

Online music stores are now available to make your purchases simple. You may ask what online music stores are about.

An online music store is an online service that sells audio files normally music, which is paid per song download or via subscription plans.  This kind of industry, which caters to most internet users, developed extensively during the time of Napster. Napster is a music and file distribution services made by Shawn Fanning. Napster actually created the most important influence on the Internet on the year 2000.

Some services of an online music store include secure downloading; this means playing and downloading songs that needs an active membership.

In the year 2000, Sony was the first company to create music from one of the top brand name available for sale on the internet. Large record companies were worried to permit this type of industry and rejected the late 90�s demand for online music stores to sell digital song downloads. As a result, the company finally decided to begin their own services of online music downloads.

Some online music stores were developed but was not very reasonable to most consumers. It was not reasonable because consumers find their services very hard to use and the price being charged by some music stores were very expensive. Who would want to pay for one song download at around $3.00?

But, record industries never tried to lose hope and they still tried their luck. This time, they lowered their prices and assured consumers that the product they produce has good quality. At last, consumers opted for paid music downloads as an alternative for the free file sharing programs.

This actually paved the way for online music stores to become popular. Online music stores now made purchasing a lot simpler in most situations. Everything from records to CDs and tapes are available for purchase at the music store online.

It is also good news for most music lovers that like different music genres. Since most online music stores provide their consumer with different genres, they can choose from classical music to contemporary music.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online music stores?


� You will be assured that the copyright of your downloaded songs are legal.
� You can avoid legal troubles
� Online music store are more consistent that the conventional music stores
� Online music stores are easy to use.
� Centralized music storehouse makes it simpler to find songs that you like


� Most stores, depending of the file format they utilize produce bad audio quality.
� Of course, since it is through the internet, you are not provided with the hard copies of the songs you purchased.
� Increase in prices.
� Most does not support record brand names.

With both the advantages and disadvantages presented, it still depends on you if you will purchase your choice of music online. If purchasing from online music stores seems to be more satisfying, appealing and easier for you, why not purchase from them.

However, if it seems complicated to do and you are not sure about the quality, you can always buy at your nearest conventional music store.

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